Our solutions are
powered by stewardship.

That’s something we knew even in 1995, when DNIV Group was just a handful of determined individuals driving down to Malaysia for projects. It’s how we achieved breakthrough growth in China, and why we opened offices there, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Today, over two decades, 90 personnel, and numerous projects across diverse industries later, we’re proud that hard work continues to make us, for many, their engineering and manufacturing equipment and machinery distributor of choice.

DNIV is acquired by DKSH in May 2022 and is now part of DKSH group. Learn more about DKSH (www.dksh.com/tec).



The secret to our growth:
Winning and keeping your trust.

Which is not really a secret, because everyone we’ve worked with knows that trust is what we value above all. The most important part of the DNIV Group DNA, it’s what we work hardest for: clients trusting us to do right by them, brands trusting our partnership for the long-term. Win-win.

Our Team

Our team averages ten years’ experience in service engineering, with specialisations in SMT, welding, UV, among others. At our headquarters in Singapore, six locations around Asia, and in 13 cities worldwide, count on the same expertise wherever DNIV is.